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eCommerce sites have a huge opportunity to increase ROI with personalization and AI driven product recommendations.

Audience Segmentation And Classification

Many ecommerce sites have a big challenge on high traffic pages such as the homepage or category pages; what product and article content should you feature to appeal to most audiences? 

Incendium’s predictive audience segments can identify core segments based on website behaviour and other factors. This allows you to deliver much more effective content recommendations, personalisations and marketing campaigns.

Content Personalization

An ecommerce store for example may have content on the homepage geared specifically to females, which may for example make up 65% of visitors. However, featuring this on the homepage may alienate 35% of visitors. Incendium can solve this; it can identify males Vs females and personalize the homepage, showing the best content for each. Instantly, you have improved your website for 35% of visitors!

Advances in the A.I sector now mean you can take advantage of the technology that has powered the success of some of the world’s most successful ecommerce sites.

Incendium Predictive Content Recommendations brings cutting edge machine learning technology to you; deliver site-wide ‘next most likely purchase’ recommendations to your users with a setup faster than you can make a coffee. Get a demo today.

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