AI Powered Marketing Automation

Empower your marketing and sales teams to do more with less, using marketing automation.

Automate Segmentation

The foundation of successful marketing automation is targeting and segmentation. If you are going to automate the triggering of messaging and the content of campaigns, you have to be able to segment your website visitors with a high degree of accuracy and scale. Incendium Predictive Audience Segmentation allows you to do just that. Our A.I learns about your visitors as they interact with your site and then predicts what segment they below to, which can be used in campaigns off-site and on-site.

Lower Ad Costs, Higher Returns And Happier Visitors

The most effective campaigns are truly granular; highly specific ad-copy, imagery and landing pages resonate with targeted audience segments to pull in clicks that convert. This leads to lower ad costs, higher returns and happier visitors. Incendium allows you to achieve all of this with minimal time investment.

Automated Messaging And Triggers

Converting a visitor is all about timing; presenting the right content at the right time to build rapport or sharing the right product when they are ready to buy. Create campaigns which share specific categories of content to specific segments and trigger this depending on site behaviour and demonstrated interests. All on auto-pilot.

Integrate With Your Mobile Apps

Use our in-app integrations to trigger ads depending on in-app behaviours. A customer hasn’t purchased a product through your app this month? Trigger a facebook ad showing them their most likely next purchase and a unique discount!

Deliver Amazing, Hyper-Targeted Digital Experiences

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