In-App Tracking

Integrate your mobile apps with Incendium to create a single customer view and supercharge your off-app marketing.

Link Your App Users To Their Digital Footprint

If you encourage users to download your app when they are on your website, you create 2 different user profiles; your app user and your website user. Incendium can link these and integrate the behavioural data from both, creating some really powerful opportunities. Creating a single customer view is essential to understanding marketing performance and optimising your digital activity.

Truly Understand Your Marketing Performance

Traditional analytics solutions are adequate for assessing the performance of an Adwords campaign for example, only when users make purchases on the same site they were referred to by the ad. It is a clear journey and customers can be matched to their purchases. However, if your visitors download an app and make purchases there, it is impossible to know if the revenue in the app was driven from customers who came from word of mouth, or ad-spend. Incendium can see the whole picture, meaning every dollar of ad-spend is accounted for. This means you can attribute revenue of app users to a specific keyword which drove them to download the app, allowing you to assess performance and optimise campaigns.

Create Smart Campaigns That Drive Crazy ROI

In-app behaviour analysis linked to a single customer view allows for some mind blowing possibilities. Imagine you own a food delivery app. From analysis you understand that customer Anne often buys a pepperoni pizza on a Friday evening. Anne finishes work, and on her way home opens up Facebook. There as she is scrolling she sees an advert showing a sizzling pepperoni pizza, she clicks it and it opens up your delivery app. All of this is possible through Incendium, fully automated, scaling across your entire customer base.

Deliver Amazing, Hyper-Targeted Digital Experiences

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