Persona Marketing

Identify and track your key personas to understand how different audiences behave on your site, where they come from, and how valuable they are. Leverage personas as marketing audiences and analytics segments.

Take a Persona Based Approach to Your Marketing

When you really think about who your target customers are, and what they look like – their demographics, their interests, their behaviors, the sites they visit – you can market much more effectively. This can direct the content you produce, where and how you get in front of your target audiences, and the messaging you use. Using Incendium’s data, you can get a clear picture of how your different personas are reaching your site, and how they are interacting with it and how engaged they are. It’s a powerful way of running a marketing strategy, and it is perfectly supported by Incendium’s features.

Persona Analytics

When it comes to analytics, sometimes data is just too granular to be useful at scale. That’s where Persona Segmentation and Persona Based Analytics can really help. Rather than looking at individual data points and journeys, with Persona Segmentation you can quickly assess how well you are performing with your different target audiences. You can see which convert best, which have the highest basket values, which like reading your blogs and which are really not resonating with the site. This can be tracked and reported ongoing, so as you change your approach with different Persona groups, you can monitor the specific impacts.

Persona Based Personalization

Incendium Analytics allows you to see the content and products different audience segments like, so you can use this to make marketing decisions like which products to push to which audiences, and which types of content to create and amplify. This can be taken a step further with personalization, where these insights can be actioned at scale automatically using A.I. The best content is matched to the best audiences, and then the site is modified in real time to align the site with the Persona of the visitor.

Persona Targeting Paid Marketing

Any audience segments built in Incendium can also be used in remarketing, connecting to advertising platforms like Google Adwords. This means Personas can also be used in paid marketing (and remarketing), for example a broad keyword could be targeted, but only to a Lookalike Audience of a specific Incendium Persona segment. It’s powerful stuff, and can quickly add significant ROI to your campaigns.

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