Efficiently increase conversions with minimal budget. Remarket to customers that have made very specific actions on-site or off-site, to help convince them to convert.

Remarketing For Any Audience

Any audience that can be configured using Incendium can be used for bespoke remarketing campaigns in both Google and Facebook, in an effort to drive people back to your site to convert. No matter how specific, if you can create it, we can collect relevant data for it and use it! This detailed targeting can prove to be very cost-effective at converting.

Create Granular Remarketing Campaigns

With Incendium we can collect data on all kinds of interactions and triggers on your site, or in your apps, so we can be hyper-targeted with our remarketing efforts. This rich data collection provides a much more personalized approach to remarketing, making every impression count with more meaningful messaging that nurtures and converts.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is essentially creating and serving ads to people that have already visited or interacted with your website previously. Various pieces of information are collected on your site visitors which is then used to create a remarketing campaign around.

Because not all of your website visitors convert instantly, remarketing acts as a way to target those visitors and engage with them once to try and convert them. A very common example for a eCommerce site, is to remarket visitors that abandoned their shopping carts, offering a discount – in the hope they complete the last step of their purchase and go to the checkout.

Incendium is able to build more advanced remarketing segments due to it’s richer audience data collection.

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