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Incendium has many USPs and benefits; one of which is speed. A lot of the machine learning software available on today’s market is dated and requires heavy resource and invasive integration with your systems – this can not only impact your team but also your site visitors as your website speed will be impacted. Incendium has solved this speed problem.


Site security and data security are critical factors for today’s businesses due to rules and regulations, but also the value data holds and the value of your site. Incendium uses a TLS encryption and is ISO 27018 and PCI DSS encrypted to ensure it’s fully secure at all times.

GDPR Compliance

The way that Incendium captures data is strictly in keeping with GDPR regulations. Data although enriched, is still private so you can be rest assured if you’re operating in a GDPR compliant country, you’re covered.


We understand that many businesses utilise a large variety of software to help manage their business and keep it running smoothly and efficiently. From CRM’s to analytics platforms, to CMS’s, to project management platforms, and everything in between. Incendium does not disrupt the normal flow of any programs you may already be using or want to use in future. In fact Incendium can use data from them and even plug data into them to enrich your reports and databases, and improve your understanding of performance.

Case Studies

With Incendium, we’ve help a number of businesses in a growing list of industries. Learn more about how we helped them and what they were able to achieve.

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