What is Incendium?

Incendium is a real-time AI driven marketing ecosystem that can be installed within 5 minutes! It comprises of a selection of advanced marketing tools that enables you to be hyper-targeted to your audiences during every stage of the customer journey.

Be granular. Be dynamic. Be automated.

Incendium's marketing systems allow for an endless number of audience profiles which, through AI, can be constantly evolving to learn exactly what works best to engage your customers from the initial awareness of your brand, to convincing them to buy your products or services.

Learning what works best on your site is just an initial step. The Incendium system also allows for dynamic website content to ensure everything shown is personalised to maximise conversion.

While other automated marketing platforms require a lengthy setup with a high demand on IT resource, Incendium's setup can be done in less than 5 minutes so will not disrupt any day-to-day activities.

How it works


Accurate Attribution

Incendium tools will ensure you can correctly attribute your activity to see true performance of channels.

Understand ROI

Often a challenge when sales and marketing activities aren't linked, Incendium makes it possible.

Deeper Targeting

Be super granular with your targeting groups to get the very best response from paid activity.

Improved Engagement

Your website content will become dynamically targeted to visitors to improve engagement and conversion.

Unified Messaging

Dynamically create consistent messaging at every step of the customer journey to optimise conversion.

Continual Improvement

Our AI continually improves targeting and personalisation to maximise traffic and conversions.

Interested in a Product Demo?

You can't always appreciate the complexity, and indeed simplicity, of innovative tools without seeing it in action. Get in touch with us as we'll give you a quick 5 minute run through of any tool you like.
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